The Wild One – The Outlaw Biker Hunt

There is nothing like a bike, wind in your hair, no helmet, brakes questionable (were on the one I rode anyway), girl wrapped around you, or even as the girl on the back. Summer day and just ride, the vibration is intoxicating and there is nothing else like it.

This hunt is for all of those who have done this or need to do that, cause if you can’t do it in RL, its not the same but its still a nice experience in sl all the same. As they said long ago, 99% of bikers are good, decent people, pretty good odds actually, considering all the scumbags I’ve met that drive a Kia or Chevy Lumina. Anyway…outlaw or not, this is the hunt you need to be on.

In this hunt you will start in a biker sim, you will ride out to find the list, following the clues along the way. If you did the Zombie Hunt you have two bikes or could have. But there are demo ones where you land. Don’t pass on the experience, its worth it.

Black Cat Productions
● ☾◑ The Wild One ● ☾◑
A Grid-Wide Outlaw Biker Hunt
August 1-15, 2011

Thank you for your interest in the The Wild One – Outlaw Biker Hunt.

◑ PG, Mature and Adult sims are welcome. Please do not apply for this hunt if your store caters to children as some of the stores and items will be of an adult nature.

The Deadline for Applications is July 1, 2011. No Exceptions.

◑ This is a Themed Hunt and the theme is Bikers of the motorcycle variety. We seek to offer items that will be worn or used by SL motorcycle enthusiasts in their role play or lifestyle.

No “Freebies” please. Every hunter is a potential customer and your prize should be a reflection of the quality you wish your shop to be known for.

◑ Hunt Signs must be prominently displayed in your store by July 1st.

Reminders will not be sent. If you are not displaying the hunt sign we will assume you have chosen to not be part of The Wild One.

◑ Your position on the Hunt Path will be based on the following:

a. Hunt Sign displayed in store
b. Current SLURL & LM have been submitted
c. Hint has been submitted
d. Picture of Prize has been submitted
e. You have joined the Black Cat Productions Hunt group & will
remain in it through the duration of the hunt

In other words. when your store is COMPLETELY READY, it will be added to the hunt path. The sooner all requirements are met, the higher the spot on the path.

◑ A Full-Permission hunt prim will sent to you. We ask that you load it with your prize, set it to sell for OL and hide it per your Hint

◑ The Unpleasant Stuff

Hunts are supposed to be fun. They are meant to be a positive experience that brings traffic and attention to your hard work.

We appreciate that you, as a SL store owner, probably have a lot going on. We sure do, and the idea is not to create a lot of extra work for you. Or for us.

For this reason, if any of the following occur, we will not be contacting you or harassing you, we will simply assume that you have decided not to participate in the TWO Hunt:

◑ Hunt Sign is not diplayed by July 1
◑ You have moved and not notified us by Note Card
◑ You have chosen to not join the Black Cat Productions Hunt group
◑ You have not submitted your Hint and Picture
◑ You have not set out your prize, Sell Contents to OL, 12 hours before the beginning of the hunt
◑ We reserve the right to exclude vendors who do not adhere to the theme and at times based on past performance in prior hunts, we doubt this will be necessary but we will make decisions to ensure the quality of the hunt.

Questions, Comments and Hints & Pictures should be sent to BlackCatProductions Resident.

To Apply, copy the following text to a new Note Card, rename it
TWO APPL (Store Name) and send it to BlackCatProductions Resident by July 1, 2011.

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